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DOI: 10.14438/gn.2013.02
submitted: 2013-04-09, accepted: 2013-05-16, published: 2013-05-30

INSPIRE as a support for development of spatial units valuation

Hrvoje Tomić1*, Siniša Mastelić-Ivić1, Miodrag Roić1

1University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy, Croatia

Abstract. The traditional division of official spatial information registers among several administrative bodies which manage them disables their quality and timely insight in spatial state. The establishment of modern automatic valuation systems enables more effective spatial management. In order for these systems to work, certain conditions have to be met. Spatial information is complex information which needs to be carefully modelled and by managing them in a digital form greater interoperability will be enabled. That enables the production of subsystems which use the information of the existing registers. In that way the system of mass real estate valuation would be based on official information of space information registers managed on national level. That would, with the help of familiar and clear methodology, through calculation transparency guarantee the justice of values determined by the system. The unambiguousness and adaptability of spatial information towards the systems of automatic management and information processing is best reached by application of certain norms. The infrastructure of spatial information prescribes those norms and gives guidelines for the development and improvement of spatial information. The infrastructure of spatial information in Croatia is supported by and prescribed through several laws, and all of them are in accordance with European directive for infrastructure of spatial information – INSPIRE. INSPIRE, among other things, has the goal to enable the exchange of information among different subjects and enable free combining of spatial information from different sources in whole Europe. The paper describes the combination of various sorts and sets of information of transport network which will, according to INSPIRE, be made within the national infrastructure of spatial information, and which will be used as factors of real estate valuation.

Keywords. mass real estate valuation, administrative boundaries, SDI

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