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UDC: 631.421:544.77.023.526(497.11)
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2013.07
submitted: 2013-06-20, accepted: 2013-08-20, published: 2013-09-30

Physico-chemical soil analysis of Rudovci region

Snežana Nenadović1, Ljiljana Kljajević1*, Miloš Nenadović2, Miško Milanović3, Smilja Marković4, Vladimir Pavlović5

1University of Belgrade, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinča, Laboratory for Material Science, Serbia
2University of Belgrade, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinča, Laboratory for Atomic Physics, Serbia
3University of Belgrade, Faculty of Geography, Serbia
4Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Institute of Technical Sciences, Serbia
5University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture, Serbia

Abstract. Laser diffraction and pipette methods were carried out for comparative grain-size analysis of soil samples representing a similar texture classification sampled. A detail physical-chemical analysis of soils, which involves use of XRF, XRD and SEM analysis were done. XRF and XRD analysis were done on the fractions separated by pipette method. On the obtained fraction particle size distribution and SEM analysis were done. The obtained results of these different methods are in good agreement and for detailed soil analysis comparison of both methods are recommended.

Keywords. Soil particle size distribution; Laser diffraction; Pipette methods; Micro-structural analysis of soils

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