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UDC: 007:528.28]:004
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2013.10
submitted: 2013-08-26, accepted: 2013-09-29, published: 2013-09-30

Processing the GPS reflected signals for wind speed estimation during the GEOHALO mission

Danijela Ignjatović-Stupar1*

1International Space University, France

Abstract. This paper is devoted to a research performed during a full-time work experience at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). I was investigating GNSS-Reflectometry techniques in order to provide detailed information about sea state including wind speed from reflected GPS signals recorded during some experimental flight part of the GEOHALO project. Moreover, investigation of direct and reflected microwave signals and methods were used to process the collected data for monitoring geophysical parameters about sea state and wind interface during the flight and compared with other in-situ measurements such as data from buoys network and Earth observation satellites. This paper discusses theory, methodology and application of acquisition and post-processing of scattered signals over the Mediterranean Sea surface during the GEOHALO-GNSS-Reflectometry flight mission flown on June 2012.

Keywords. GNSS-R, GPS receiver, Kirchhoff Model, Elfouhaily Model, Data processing

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