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UDC: 007:528.9]:004; 007:912]:004; 004.92
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2013.20
submitted: 2013-11-14, accepted: 2013-12-02, published: 2013-12-23

Geospatial information in e-Government services for “environmental permiting” – the eEnviPer project case study

Dragutin Protić1*, Ivan Nestorov1

1University of Belgrade, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Serbia

Abstract. eEnviPer pilot project, funded by the European Commission through the CIP-ICT-PSP program, aims to develop an e-Government service that will support the entire process of issuing the approval of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies. Through the process of issuing the approval of an EIA study, competent authorities, with the participation of the public, have tools for the control of various projects’ and activities’ impact on the environment and, consequently, protection of the environment. Since most of the environmental related information are spatial in nature, one of the main components of the eEnviPer platform is Geographic Information System of the environment. The paper presents the importance of geospatial information and related services for an e-Government service on the example of eEnviPer pilot.

Keywords. geospatial information, e-Government, Environmental Impact Assessment, Web GIS

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