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UDC: 502.171:712.23]:528.93(497.5)
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2013.21
submitted: 2013-11-28, accepted: 2013-12-13, published: 2013-12-23

The role of geospatial data in management of Croatian national parks

Zoran Šikić1, Željko Bačić2*

1University of Zadar, Department for Ecology, Agronomy, and Aquaculture, Croatia
2University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy, Croatia

Abstract. Nature protection, especially protection of most valuable parts enclosed in national parks and nature parks is today unthinkable without quality and updated geospatial data organized in efficient geographical information systems. Due to the fact that modern management today is based on geospatial information it resulted with definition of spatial data infrastructure concept. On the national level nature protection is also enclosed with national spatial data infrastructure so that creation and usage of geospatial information hast to be conducted in synergy between the stakeholders of the national infrastructure. For the purpose of synergetic cooperation models development and solving of present problems, Ministry of culture – Nature protection directorate, State geodetic administration and State institute for nature protection have in cooperation with the Norwegian mapping and cadastre authority (Statens kartverk) accomplished PAMS (Protected Area Management System) project on the location of National park Kornati. Results and findings accomplished through this project are presented in this article.

Keywords. Croatian national parks, protected area management, spatial data infrastructure, geospatial data

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