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UDC: 528:94(497.11)
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2014.01
submitted: 2014-02-19, accepted: 2014-03-19, published: 2014-03-26

Academician and geodetic general Stevan P. Bošković, the head of Military Geographic Institute in Belgrade

Stevan Radojčić1

1Military Geographic Institute, Serbia

Abstract. Stevan P. Bošković (1868-1957) was a Serbian geodesist, geographer and cartographer. As a head of Military Geographic Institute, he was the organizer of the first modern geodetic works in Serbia and Yugoslavia. He was the first our geodetic general and the first academician in Serbia and Yugoslavia in the area of geodesy. He innovated and improved geodetic instruments, equipment and methods. He gave a remarkable contribution to activities of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics. Stevan P. Bošković is one of the most educated oficers of Serbian and Yugoslav Armed Forces, and our scientists of that time in general. This paper gives the basic fact about the work of Stevan P. Bošković work and life and his importance in history of geodesy in Serbia and Europe.

Keywords. Geodetic history, Control geodetic networks, Geoid, Invar wires, Serbia

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