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UDC: 332.6(4)
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2014.05
submitted: 2014-02-20, accepted: 2014-03-24, published: 2014-03-26

Review of existing land funds in European countries

Dragana Milićević Sekulić1*

1University of Belgrade, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Serbia

Abstract. Land funds are very important instrument for regulation of land and rural development. The first land funds in European countries were founded in mid-nineteenth century. The importance of land funds in procedures of land regulation, improving of agricultural production and creating the conditions for the development of rural areas was recognized during XX century. During this period in the majority of European countries land funds/land banks were established. Land funds in the European countries vary significantly according to model, organization, management and financing. This paper will show the basic characteristics of some land funds in some of the European countries.

Keywords. land funds, land banks, land management, land development, rural development

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