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UDC: 007:528.93]:004.6
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2014.12
submitted: 2014-06-06, accepted: 2014-06-20, published: 2014-06-28

Modern technologies of collecting and presenting of geospatial data

Ankica Milinković1, Kornelija Ristić2*, Sanja Tucikešić2

1Vekom Geo, Serbia
2University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Abstract. The relationship of man to nature and society, man efforts, mastered knowledge and abilities, as a result have improvement of existing and/or creating new resources, above all in aim to meeting the needs of modern civilization. Today, there is not a scientific discipline as well as experience gained from a practical aspects of application, that is not of interest for the development of technological progress. Fast developing technological innovations influenging surveying approaches for spatial data collection, also. Worldwide, as well as in our country, is noticed domination of new generation of geodetic tools able to perform accurate and fast data collection, enriched with the latest engineering innovations in the field of 3D acquisition of space. Goal of this paper is to show the importance of integrating traditional geodetic approaches and laser scanning in the unique, innovative and revolutionary system for data collection by robotic total stations, 3D laser scanning, another image processing senzors, with support of last generation softwares develpoed by division of the world's leading geospatial manipulation.

Keywords. technology, innovation, robotics, digitization, Geoinformation Systems

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