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UDC: 37.014.15:528
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2014.13
submitted: 2014-06-05, accepted: 2014-06-18, published: 2014-06-28

Licensing and continuous professional development of geodetic experts

Slobodan Pandžić1*, Slavoljub Tomić1

1University College of Applied Sciences for Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Serbia

Abstract. The same as other engineering and technical fields, performing geodetic activities in the Republic of Serbia is regulated by relevant standards and system of licensing. Geodetic professionals licensing is conducted in accordance with the Law on Planning and Construction and the Regulations on Granting Licenses prescribed by Serbian Chamber of Engineers. Simultaneously, geodetic activity relating to the affairs of state survey and cadaster is regulated by the Law on State Survey and Cadaster and the Law on Amendments to the Law on State Survey and Cadaster, in which a special licensing system is implemented by the Republic Geodetic Authority. In both cases, the requirements to obtain licenses are: a diploma of higher education, prescribed work experience and the appropriate professional examination passed. The procedure for periodic renewing or extending the license validity is not stipulated. In most countries, like in other professions where a licensing system is applied, extending license validity with the proof of completed professional development is anticipated. Unfortunately, this is not the case for any type of license for geodetic experts in Serbia. This paper presents the proposal for establishing license renewal procedure and its linkage to the continuous professional development.

Keywords. licenses, Serbian Chamber of Engineers, Republic Geodetic Authority

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