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UDC: 528.835:550.38
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2014.14
submitted: 2014-06-06, accepted: 2014-06-15, published: 2014-06-28

Modern technologies and methodologies concerning permanent monitoring of position changes and entity state in space and time

Zoran Sušić1, Marko Marković1*, Đorđe Ninkov2, Petar Maksimović3

1University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Serbia
2GeoGIS Consultants, Serbia
3Info Team, Serbia

Abstract. The topic of the paper is the description of the modern sensor solutions used in the permanent-monitoring projects for deformations of entities in space and time, as well as of many other parameters necessary to a detailed analysis of spatial processes at the sites of large civil-engineering objects. The possibility of applying the monitoring with an alarm system, with a special comment concerning the LeicaGeoMos software, is also mentioned. Using an example of integrated multisensor system (GPS, inclinometers, accelerometers, robotised TS) concerning the general solution for observing deformations of the Žeželj bridge (test examination and permanent observation during exploitation) in Novi Sad the possibilities of new technologies will be presented and the place, role and importance of a specialist in geodesy in such projects will be indicated. The topic of the paper is an automated system of integrated sensors for measuring meteorological parameters and those of dynamical motions of water at the location of the future marina in the Kotor Bay at Kumbor. On the basis of the presented results of sensor application to the registration of quantities and their spatial and temporal variations new possibilities of geodesy in extension and participation in new services in multidisciplinary projects of other sciences are indicated.

Keywords. Sensors, integrated system, alarm system, magnetometer, geomagnetic field

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