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UDC: 007:528.9]:004; 007:912]:004; 004.92
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2014.17
submitted: 2014-09-30, accepted: 2014-10-10, published: 2014-10-31

3D Urban Information Models in making a smart city – the i-SCOPE project case study

Dragutin Protić1*, Ivan Nestorov1, Ivan Vučetić2

1University of Belgrade, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Serbia
2Evrogeomatika d.o.o., Serbia

Abstract. i-SCOPE pilot project, funded by the European Commission through the CIP-ICT-PSP program, aims to develop an open source toolkit for 3D smart city services in three different domains: improved inclusion and personal mobility, solar energy potential assessment, noise mapping and simulation. The services are expected to improve life and work of their users. The services are built upon 3D Urban Information Models (UIM) that are based on cityGML format providing the necessary standardization and interoperability. Generation, enrichment and management of the 3D city model is part of the i-SCOPE services. The paper shows the importance of comprehensive and interoperable 3D city models for building smart city services.

Keywords. 3D Urban Information Models, smart city services, i-SCOPE

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