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UDC: 528.932:528.02
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2014.19
submitted: 2014-10-17, accepted: 2014-10-24, published: 2014-10-31

DTM determination within Kurozwęki project

Stefan Ilić1, Aleksandar Milutinović1, Stefan Milutinović1, Miroslav Milojević1, Sara Samardžić1*

1University of Belgrade, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Serbia

Abstract. The project in Kurozwęki, small historical city near Krakow, is a project with a tradition. It is held last ten years with a same reason. The main idea of the Mr. Martin Popiel, who is the owner of Palace in Kurozwęki, is to include students and youth in upgrading of his castle. He invites a small group of students from different universities to a ten days long camp, to hear and discuss their ideas. That brings a benefit to both sides because students have a new experience behind them after that practice, and Mr. Popiel resolves some problems on construction of the palace and its courtyard. Kurozwęki project 2014 brings, in the field of surveying, the digital terrain model (DTM) of the palace surroundings, which will be used in designing the irrigation and drainage system of the area. Here we present the surveying tasks performed to accomplish the resulting DTM.

Keywords. DTM, data collection, cross-sections

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