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UDC: 627.7
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2014.22
typology: 1.02
submitted: 2014-11-04, accepted: 2014-11-24, published: 2015-02-28

Determination of total electron content in the ionosphere using GPS technology

Miloš Marković1*

1University College of Applied Sciences for Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Serbia

Abstract. One of major limitations to achieve accuracy when using single frequency GPS recievers is the problem of delays in signal propagation through the ionosphere. The problem is very pronounced during periods of high solar activity, when various processes in ionosphere occur. This paper shows one way to model the ionosphere, which opens the possibility of calculating delays, which can then be applied as a correction during measurment processing. On the other hand, thanks to the knowledge of geodesy and global positioning system, the scientists involved in the ionosphere problem get a very powerful tool that can be used to form a two- or three-dimensional model of the ionosphere. One such two-dimensionаl model is presented in the paper.

Keywords. total electron content – TEC, two-freqency model of the ionosphere, ionospheric delay, single frequency GPS

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