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UDC: 631.43:632.125
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2014.28
typology: 1.03
submitted: 2015-02-04, accepted: 2015-02-23, published: 2015-02-28

Geospatial analysis of soil pollution by hurtful materials in the mountains of vršac, serbia – example landscapes of outstanding features kula

Miško Milanović1*, Dragan Čakmak2, Veljko Perović2, Orhideja Štrbac3, Saša Bakrač4

1University of Belgrade, Faculty of Geography, Serbia
2Institute of Soil Science, Serbia
3Public Enterprise "Varoš", Serbia
4Military Geographic Institute, Serbia

Abstract. The subject of this work was the protection zone and the Kula area of outstanding features in mountains of Vršac. Soil samples were taken, at certain locations and were later detailed laboratory processed. Given that the site of the tower and degree of protection, the main goal of this study was to determine the degree of degrading soil covering surface. For the studied territory, and established the presence of high Fe and Mn and low Cu, in the samples.

Keywords. geospatial, analysis, soil, pollution, hurtful materials, Vršac

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