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UDC: 531.768 539.38 543.382.42
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2015.03
typology: 1.01
submitted: 2015-03-08, accepted: 2015-03-19, published: 2015-04-10

Structural health monitoring of bridges using accelerometers – a case study at Apollo Bridge in Bratislava

Alojz Kopáčik1, Imrich Lipták1*, Ján Erdélyi1, Peter Kyrinovič1

1Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Slovakia

Abstract. Building structures are extremely sensitive at influence of outdoor conditions. Most often these are the influence of wind, sunshine, temperature changes of the surrounding and at least the influence of the own or other loading. According to resonance of the structure with the surrounding is coming to vibration and oscillation in relative high frequency interval (0.1 Hz - 100.0 Hz). These phenomena significantly affect the static and dynamic characteristics of structures, their safety and functionality. The paper brings example of monitoring these phenomena. The object of monitoring is the Danube Bridge Apollo in Bratislava, which main steel structure was measured by acceleration sensors with frequency up to10 Hz. The main topic of the paper is the analysis of dynamic behaviour of structure using spectral analysis method. The usage of Fourier Transform is described, own frequencies and amplitudes of structure oscillation are calculated.

Keywords. accelerometer, dynamic deformation, frequency, periodogram, spectral analysis

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