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UDC: 657.424
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2015.04
typology: 1.02
submitted: 2015-02-20, accepted: 2015-03-28, published: 2015-04-10

Data sources for the purpose of decision making in real estate investment analysis in the territory of Kragujevac City

Milena Popović1*

1University of Belgrade, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Serbia

Abstract. Analysis of investing in real estate is a complex process for whose implementation two steps are mandatory: data collection and analysis. As the real estate represent a very important resource (both for individuals and for the state), investment analysis must be done carefully in order to achieve the goals of all participants in the investment process. Data necessary for the implementation of investment analysis include data from relevant state institutions which are dealing with planning, management, registration and taxation of real estate. Privacy policy of insight into these data and their usage greatly differs between different institutions. Some of the data are publicly available, while the availability of other is greatly limited. Some institutions have enabled viewing data through web services, while others do not have the technical capabilities to do so. Considering the contemporary aspect of management and use of geo-data in the analysis and decision-making, the availability of data in electronic form via the web service becomes imperative.

Keywords. investment, real estate, investment analysis, real estate records

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