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UDC: 528:37.035.3
DOI: 10.14438/gn.2015.06
typology: 1.04
submitted: 2015-03-18, accepted: 2015-03-30, published: 2015-04-10

Geodetic Education and Practice in the Republic of Serbia – Past and Present

Dragana Milićević Sekulić1*, Olga Rakočević2, Branko Božić1

1University of Belgrade, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Serbia
2Republic Geodetic Authority Požega, Serbia

Abstract. Development of geodetic education and practice was accompanied by changes in the development of society. Country isolation at the end of 20th century had a huge influence on surveyors practice in Serbia. The beginning of 21st century brought democratic changes, membership in European Union as an important goal, and, generally, opening the society for changes in many spheres. The most important changes in the field of geodesy were reform of educational system, establishment of real estate cadastre and realization of projects through international cooperation. These changes created an opportunities for employing surveyors in many new areas. Today, a lot of geodetic experts work on positions where it has not been possible before. This paper describes employment opportunities for Serbian surveyors and explains the experience in doing surveying at the Serbian market that have been obtained so far.

Keywords. education, education reform, geodetic profession, employment opportunities

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